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Asset accounting

  • Chart of depreciation.
  • Define 0%tax codes for Asset accounting.
  • Asset class and Account determination of Asset Classes.
  • Depreciation areas (Derived Depreciation Areas).
  • Screen layout rules and Number range Assignments.
  • Group assets.
  • Calculation methods.
  • Depreciation key.
  • Delta currencies in Asset Accounting.
  • Fiscal year in Asset Accounting.
  • Asset master data (Main and Sub Assets).
  • Overview of revolution of assets.
  • Introduction to inflation Accounting.
  • Transaction to inflation Accounting
  • Transaction keys.
  • Asset Acquisition (Direct and A u C).
  • Asset Retirement (Scrapping, with Revenue with Customer and without Customer).
  • Inter and Intra Asset Transfers.
  • Unplanned Depreciation.
  • Asset reports/With Different variants and Asset explorer.
  • Strategy on data migration related to Asset (Legacy Assets-Upload process)
  • Month End and Year-End Closings in FI.
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